Asset Info

As posted on the  Forum:

Asset Name: Talon Power Asset
NEW Asset ID: 14415315997266230153
Burstcoin Wallet ID: BURST-U54J-D65S-LA88-GXBC3
Assets: 10,000,000
Initial Release: 100,000
Asset RE- Release Date: 07/10/2017
My Age: 44

My Talon Power asset issues will be as followed.
Initial release: 100,000 shares were sold @ 1 Burst per share.

Asset dividend breakdown
75% Goes to investors. weekly
75%  of What I Mine with equipment bought from assets (currently at 7 TB)
75% of the Weekly Interest Paid out on loans from Bitconnect
75% earned at Eobot/Genesis exchanged to BURST at current price
15% will be used for reinvestment for continued growth of the asset the remaining 10% will be allocated to fees, maintenance, promotions and or bonuses.

Currently we have: 20608 BURST  left from asset sales and i will split up in the following way:
45% For lending
45% For Cloud Mining
10% For Fees etc.

Current BURST Mining status.
7.0 TB mining
Current pool: – Search: talonPowerAsset

Dividend Payouts.
Dividends will be paid every Monday approximately 8-10 PM EST starting July 10th, 2017

In the event the asset closes. * 100% of the drives purchased with funds from asset sales will first be offered to investors as payment, any drives left will be sold off and distributed among shareholders accordingly. Any remaining balances will be paid in Burst or BTC, this is currently at 7 TB * initial funds sent to Poloniex/Bitconnect for lending of BTC will be distributed back to shareholders in Burst at that cureent days prices

1.) in case of the asset closes, I will GIVE option of either BURST or BTC equivalent
2.) ORIGINAL talon power assets can be sent back to me or just keep them up to you but if you want to send them back then do so at this address:

TalonPowerAsset BURST-U54J-D65S-LA88-GXBC3

3.) Eobot, I will send the 75% BTC earned each week to Poloniex for BURST the other 15% to upgrade mining
4.) Genesis Mining, I will start having go to my EOBOT for the daily payouts, then at the end of the week will send all off to POLO for BURST
5.) Bitconnect, I will take the 75% earned and exchange to BCC then to BTC then send to POLO for BURST. the other 15% will stay in USD for reinvestment in increments of $10 loans
6.) Polo Lending, is not making as much as expected and i will take a vote but i say split it up 3 ways and invest in EOBOT, Genesis and BitConnect

I am haitch verified as well: